Past & Present Clients want you to know...*HC for happy client

What type of person would I refer to Bodytalk?

"My first thought is anyone who is willing to admit that they need help with understanding how their mind and body are reacting to stress and who have a willingness to try something new.  Bodytalk makes a great complement to other stress management activities, and I would refer anyone who is having trouble dealing with the strains and anxieties of life." HC

What value do I get from BodyTalk?

"For me, Bodytalk has been a combination of counseling, stress management, and physical healing. It often has pushed me to think about myself in ways that are unfamiliar, and maybe sometimes uncomfortable, but to a level of much deeper understanding, not just of myself but also of my family and of other formative people in my life. " HC

How has BodyTalk made a difference?

 "The overall personal & emotional growth is so much more than I expected even after just 2 or 3 sessions…much more valuable than 10 times as many sessions in a traditional counselling/therapy environment. I love it & I would refer it to family & friends or anybody who struggles with any loss, personal trauma, lack of direction or purpose, anxiety, or overall dissatisfaction with where they are at. " HC

  "I’d think that people who are looking for support with managing non-critical health concerns, or as a complement to conventional medical care for critical concerns.  Also people needing mental health support who don’t want to have to verbalize their trauma or issues." HC

"  I have found BodyTalk sessions to be so enlightening. Not only do I feel completely at ease around Yania, but her wisdom and energy are truly a gift to those who have the pleasure of being treated by her. Not knowing a lot about BodyTalk prior to my first session I was hesitant but it became clear after the second session that it was really working for me. Problems with my anxiety can still sometimes arise but I know I am much better equipped to deal with it and I experience my body as more balanced and at peace. I would recommend BodyTalk to anyone at any age who is struggling to get past any emotional barriers. I find tremendous value in my sessions and am always looking forward to my next. " HC

" BodyTalk has been invaluable in helping me maintain good physical, emotional and mental health. I’ve seen notable improvements in my asthma/breathing capacity, sleep patterns, processing of trauma and grief, skin conditions, sexual health, and overall well being. 

I would definitely refer anyone who is open to alternative healing approaches. I have found that there is a great benefit to seeing different practitioners and Yania is one of the most knowledgeable and intuitive practitioners I visit on a regular basis." HC

"After my session I felt  a profound sense of peace, like nothing I'd felt before and it stayed" HC